Does trade between China and the United States guarantee mutual dominion or destruction?


During the Cold War, the United States and Russia played chicken with nuclear weapons. It was something completely crazy, and in the end, it became known as MAD, which meant assured mutual destruction; This means that if one of the countries launches nuclear weapons against another, the other will return the blow and destroy the nation that launched the first. This will mean that both nations will be destroyed.

Game theory predicts that this game is not worth playing through trade war news. Thank God, nobody was playing the game, but in reality, nobody was supposed to sit at this table anyway.

Now consider the current period when the United States and the United States were connected in commerce through china us trade relations. China produces goods to help us grow, and then with this money, it buys US Treasury bills, which help finance our debt. If the United States stops buying food, China will stop buying our treasure tickets. If the US consumer decides to boycott Chinese products, the Chinese economy will collapse, but the United States government will not be able to deliver the services promised to citizens or consumers who did not buy these

Currently, the United States has a GDP of between $ 14 and $ 17 billion, and China’s GDP is the fourth or fifth in the world. Thanks to all the products that the United States buys from China, in its country during the last two decades, the growth has been almost 10% year-on-year. At this rate, eventually China and the United States will have the same GDP. Some say that working together we ensure the mutual dominion of the planet.