Move your vending machines with safety in mind

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

There are many aspects of any vending machine that you should pay attention to. What you may not have thought about so far is how you will move them. They will not appear where you have safe places, so knowing the correct way to move them will save your personal problems and with your vending machines.

Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

You should never try to move it yourself

They are too heavy and unpredictable to do so safely. You should be able to find at least one person who can spend some time helping you do it as safely as possible. Once most vending machines are installed, they will remain there for a long time, so you don’t need to plan this regularly.

To move one person, you will need at least two people. There are many different tools that you can use to facilitate the process. The carriage can slide under the vending machine. This unit has wheels, so you can tilt the vending machine back and move it. Be sure to take the time to fasten the straps around you for safety.

I often see vending machines installed in the collection bodies. However, delivering them to your place is often difficult. A good idea is to support the vending machine against the truck. Carefully lift the bottom so it can slide in. You want to put something like cardboard on the bottom of the truck. This way you will not scratch it or the vending machine.


Some trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift, which can be very useful for transporting vending machines. Simply place it in the elevator, start moving and lift it to the right place in the truck. You can then slide it back or fold it down, depending on how you want to transport it. You can do the opposite to easily remove the vending machine from the car.